Sansa Clip 1GB

Where can I buy a wall charger that is compatible?

To my knowledge, almost any store that sells electronics (computers and appliances that are common to somehow be connected to them) would sell USB wall chargers. It looks like a regular charger with a regular USB port - one you insert a standard USB plug into. So you buy that, and use your USB-to-MiniUSB cable that came with your Clip to charge it.

This wall charger is excellent…has same charging amps as a laptop USB …(.5amps.)…should be safe for charging the Clip…I use it for my shuffle and my clip 8 g 

Charger at Walmart

Ships free to your store…and it’s $7 more at my local store…so I saved $7 by buying on line and shipping to my store.

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There are many posts here on this–did you try a search on chargers using the search box at the upper left?  There are lots of no-name chargers, from Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, etc.; plus “name” chargers from DLO, Macally, FiiO and others.