Sansa Charger and Walkman.

Hello :slight_smile:

I used to own a SanDisk Sansa Fuze. But it broke, so I’m shifting into trying out a Sony Walkman. Question is I own a Griffin PowerDuo charget set for the Sansa Fuze.

Will I be able to use these with the Walkman? I’m not concerned about the cable. What I’m asking is can I use the Griffin Accessories with my Walkman and the cable that comes with it?

The Walkman is  the E SeriesNWZ-E464

NOTE! I used to own the Sansa Fuze, NOT the Sansa Fuze+

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t see why not. The only reason that your charger set was marketed toward the Fuze was that it included the 30-pin cable to plug into the bottom of it. Otherwise it’s a generic setup that will work with anything provided you have the appropriate cable (if needed) to plug into the device.

Hey Thanks Tapeworm.

So then I got nothing to worry about then, Thanks a lot.