Sansa c250 Suggestion/Fix: Random Feature

The Random feature for this player is not a true random generated playlist.  Many of the same songs are repeated and some never get played.

I am not sure what variables are taken into account when generating the random list, but it should be changed to a true random list.



Aih, I have to strongly agree with the OP.  My Sansa e270 has over 500 songs, and during a day of work I’m almost guaranteed to hear certain songs three or more times.  The record is the same song six times in the same day.  Other songs I’ll only hear if I manually select them.  Until now, it’s been annoying but not overly concerning.

However, my beloved e270 just tried to play the same song (the same file) twice in a row while on random.  I didn’t even think of that as a possability in a randomized playlist.  Can we please get a better randomization method?