Sansa c250 - frozen screen


I just purchased my sansa last week and I’m having problems. When I turn it on, the usual picture appears (the one with the monster) and the screen freezes on that picture so I can’t access the menu nor play the music. I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in, but the screen still freezes. Can someone help, please?

The first thing you can try is a soft reset.  When the player is frozen on the monster screen press and hold the Menu button until the player turns off (can take up to 30 seconds or so).  Then try to turn it back on and see if the player comes back up.

If the soft reset doesn’t fix the player then try the steps below.

Turn the player on
Engage the hold switch (slide it over so that you see the orange under the switch)
Hold the Rewind button
Plug the player in to the computer

If the player is detected by the computer after doing this then format the device.

I’m having the same problem w/ my c240 purchased from woot…tried the advice below but it didn’t work…Any other advice??

If you’re still having the issue give SanDisk tech support a call.  They may have something they can send you.