Sansa c250 Firmware Wish List

Things to add

  • Different time modes (Elapsed, remaining, etc.)
  • Fix metatag info. (I’ve noticed some errors with this, for example, I can change an artist’s name to all lower caps in the file’s metatag IDs, and it will still show up in upper caps on the player for some strange reason).
  • Faster scrolling without the initial delay and blurriness of the words while scrolling.
  • Allow alot more steps for desired volume level.
  • Make the Fast forward and Rewind smoother. Also make them faster over a period of time as the button is held. Get rid of the initial delay too, because you can’t tell if the button is working or not for the first few milliseconds. This can also make you mess up and restart the track and make you miss the place that you were in.
  • USB options.
  • A contrast level control, because certain colors are hard to see, such as the light green battery indicator level.

Things to get rid of

When turning on the player, the volume goes back to a high level even if the volume was previously lowered.

  • Initial delays while holding buttons (As previously mentioned above).
  • Turn off screen after a few seconds while charging, because this draws more battery life.

Alot of these features that I’m requesting come from the features that are on the latest firmware of my also owned 2GB Sansa Clip. If the Sansa c250 had these firmware features, it would be almost unstoppable. Right now, the firmware is buggy and it just sux. It just makes the c250 VERY unpleasant to use.

I noticed that the Sansa team is focusing more on the Sansa clip than the rest of the Sansa mp3 player models, so I don’t know if they are even going to pay attention to this or not. I do notice that they DO listen to the customers on the Sansa Clip forum and they actually put some of the requested features on the Sansa Clip for them too. Hopefully they will do this for the c250 as well.

When you have a player at this price range that holds 2GB worth of music, has a color screen, views pictures and slide shows (Even though the resolution is low), has a microSD slot (What a BIG plus), nothing else in it’s price range comes close. That is why I think someone should take these firmware features into consideration and do something about the issues.

Fix the random Shuffle issue, so it becomes really random, and not always playing the same songs again and again.


Also, give us the ability to make playlists on the computer…please?

Reducing Button Lag in playback mode. Make it like the m240, that one was great, it didn’t take me 20 minutes to cycle through my songs :) 

Make an option in the player that allows it to draw power from the computer AND play music at the same time (Settings : USB : MSC,MTP,Charge)! I know this sounds pointless, but Media Players can be quite resource consuming…it’s a nice little plus to have if you’re typing a paper or doing some heavy editing (like what I’m doing right now).

Letting us change Contrast Levels would be nice too.

Oh, and this would be fun (but not necessary): Offer users the ability to make your own color schemes on a computer via software and then transfer those settings to the sansa with the click of a button (While backing up the original scheme into the software’s coding of course)! Also, it’d be cool if said software allowed us to change the icons used by the player AND share our color schemes between ourselves with the ability so save the data to a file!

It goes in order from most desired at the top to least necessary at the bottom