Sansa C250 compatibility with Sandisk MicroSDHC

I have a question. Is the C250 compatibility with MicroSDHCs? I want buy a MicroSDHC for my C250… :wink:. Sorry by my English  :cry:… I speak Spanish… :smileyvery-happy:

I know that know Rockbox is working on the c200 microSD slot.  They will make it work with microSDHC cards.

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Your site fixed my brick !!!

I re-formatted my c250 and everything is fine !

I have c250 player .

I ended up with a 2 GB micro SDHC .

I formatted it with a SDHC adapter and stuck in my printer with a card reader .

I did get it to work well .

While it was working , I got both memories to show on my Windows 7 OS .

I ran into problems when I tried to erase the c250 native 2 GB memory ( memory on board c250 ) , and spent 3 days trying to fix it .

Next time I will probably erase old music with a simple “Delete” command through Windows OS .