sansa c240 & c250 GREAT PRODIUCTS!!!

I purchased the c240 for my wife and after some trouble getting it going (I had difficulty getting it recognized by my computer and some other problems—operater error kinds of problems) I was delighted with the product. I have never had anything to do with any MP3 player EVER before. But this thing is terrific! I then went right out and bought the c250 and a 1gig card to increase capacity and now they both work terrific. The capability and versatility is super! We love them both and STRONGLY recommmend either model to anyone looking for a low end model. We are now taking them to the gym with us regularly and enjoying them immensely. If you don’t have one of these, RUSH right out now and purchase your own. ( On one of these we are using the standard packaged ear buds, and on the other we have a set of Senheizer ear buds)

yeah the experience is al lovely until it freezes and won’t respond to any of the advice one gets from either tech support or even users.the time to send it back to sandisk would be a bother as i need my music!!and i’m in jamaica