Sansa C140 Constantly rebooting every 2-3 seconds.

I bought a sansa c140 refurb from a month ago. I played a few songs that came on it, then i removed those, and started copying about 800 megs of mp3’s to the device.  The device hung up at around 500 megs, but i let it sit for a while just in case. 

Then when i pulled the usb cable out to give up, the c140 started cycling through, sandisk, 2 seconds, black screen, 1 second, sandisk, 2 seconds, and on and on forever.  I never even got to play any of my music on it.  I have to pull the battery to get it to stop.  It also does this when i plug it into the usb port with no battery in it.

I tried all the key combo’s and such i could find on this site.

The device is supposed to have a 3 month warranty on it, but i couldn’t get through to sansa support.  


yeah!  The firmware update i found on the wiki for the c140/c150 got my c140 un-rebooting.  I now have an actual device.

found the firmware updater here.

The firmware should be able to ix this problem.