Sansa Brick

I’m sorry, I thought it was the sansa connect. After owning this moderately buggy device for exactly 15 days, the device shut off for it’s last time, and won’t come back on. light doesn’t turn on when you plug it in. It seems to have finally kicked the bucket.

Now I’ll have to send it in to sandisk and see what happens. Unfortunately, Circuit city’s 30 return policy is shortened to 15 days on MP3 players and they won’t take it back.

the question is: Do I care to go through all this trouble to get this thing back up and running when the firmware itself is horribly buggy? I’m just confused why the PC market can’t get their ■■■■ straight. there’s a reason the ipod is the number one player- it just works.

have you tried the connect recovery tool


Well I’m back up and running. Thanks! Saved me a few weeks