sansa battery not charging

why my battery not charging it say battery too low system is shuttin down for almost 4 hour that i charge it. It dont even show sign of charging

A few possibilities:

  1. If using a computer, try a different USB port.
  2. If using a laptop, make sure it is plugged in to AC power first.
  3. You could try a USB/AC charger instead of a computer.
  4. Try a different cable/cord fot the player. A pin or wire in the cable might have broken.
  5. The wires leading to the battery might have broken at the solder joint, a common problem with the original Clip player.
  6. The battery itself might just be worn out. How long have you had it, and what kind of use has it seen?

i took it from my uncle house he told me that is been while he has make use of it. Am using ipod usb to charge it. I insert d usb port into the charger then plug it into socket. I suggest the battery might have weak. Can i use other battery like nokia,techno etc.