Sansa 4GB

Okay so I’ve had the sansa for a few years now and just recently I had it plugged up to the computer syncing it with napster and the power went out. I unplugged the device but its stuck saying Disconnected and I cannot turn it off or do anything with it.  I’ve plugged it up a few times and then disconnecting trying to get it to fix but its not working. 

Any Ideas ?? 

Have you tried resetting it? Push the sliding power switch on the side up and hold it for 20 - 30 seconds.

Yeah nothing happens I tried it for a minute or two earlier before giving up on that 

Well, if you can’t get it to shut down using the reset procedure, I guess you’ll have to wait until it runs out of gas (battery power), and hope it will wake up and charge when you plug it back into your computer.

I’d leave it alone for a while, then try the reset again. Usually, that will force a shut-down although it may take holding the power switch in the up position longer than normal (maybe up to a minute).