Sansa 2GB Clip Songs are Gone- even the factory installed ones

We have three of these Sansa Clips - the 2GB model- a black, pink and red one, all purchased in December of 2007 for Christmas.  The red one has always seemed to need charging much more often, although usage is not any more that the other two, and I downloaded songs into Rhapsody to put on them- suddenly about a week ago, when I tried to put songs on the red one, it gives me an error message when downloading as if the file is not compatible, then when I checked the player, all the songs are gone- even the factory installed ones.  I tested to see if it was my pc by downloading some of the same attempted songs to the black one, and that one is fine…so, do I need to return this little guy, or is there some software I can use to repair the red one?


Check that the Red Clip is in the correct USB mode.  For Rhapsody (or any DRM subscription service) the Cliop must be in MTP mode.  Under Settings (on the Clip) select “MTP” or “auto detect”, and plug in.  Watch if Rhapsody finds the device and loads your library.

Does the Clip show up with a drive letter?  That’s a sign of the wrong mode, and files won’t transfer.

On the other side of the coin, check your calendar.  What phase is the moon currently in?  This seems to affect the Rhapsody client, as well as solar wind activityabove 2 protons/meter.  The “this track is not compatible” message likes to randomly pop up occasionally, though MSC mode will trip it for sure.

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