Sansa 2GB All Messed Up

I had my Sansa get really messed up using Rhaposody and throught various efforts I reformatted it with Windows in FAT. Now I cannot get the firmware to reload at all. My device is effectively hosed. Please help. Thanks.

Formatting doesn’t affect firmware. Perhaps it has to do with current version is same as version you are attempting to load. How are you loading it?

Can you reformat from the Clip’s settings?  I’d try that.

When you used Windows, did you reformat as FAT32?

That’s the problem. I can’t load any firmware at all. The updater just hangs up??

Yes, I used FAT32 in Windows. But there is no format available on the player since it acts like its whiped. Last night the player would not even turn on. Thanks for the help. It may have bit the dust.

If your Clip turns on again and you can connect to your computer, try manually updating the firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum)–much easier to do, with a better success rate, than using the Updater.