Sansa 2 g help please, same message after format

I’ve been trying to get my Sansa 2 g to work with my mac. I was unsuccessful with upgrading firm ware for I tried formatting as instructed. Chose ms dos fat… erase. When I disconnected and tried to turn on Sansa, message has repeated come up: Not enough space for music DB. I reformatted and same message. Any suggestions?

They might have changed it, but I know it used to be said you should NEVER EVER EVER format a Sansa on a Mac! Windows machines only! You can use the player with a Mac with it connected in MSC mode (that way it’s seen as a flash drive), but formatting it with a Mac is BAD MOJO!

I didn’t see anything about bad mojo and there was instructions on how to do it on a mac. Oh well, I guess I got the bad mojo!