Sansa 0%. :c

I put my sansa on repeat and I went to bed listening to music. But when I woke up I couldn’t find my sansa. I found it like 2 days later and it wouldn’t turn  on.  Im pretty sure it ran out of power. I TNT know if its true but, when a sansa reaches 0% the sansa is gone forever right. If not can someone tell me how to get it to start back working.

Which player is it? I dont know about the older players but the Fuze and Clip will come back to life if you hook them up to a wall charger and let them sit for a while

There’s a safety circuit that shuts down the unit before the battery’s stored energy drops completely to ‘zilch’. This prevents any accidental & permanent damage.

Yours should charge up just fine, although you may have to do a reset on it to get it to fire up.

Also try a soft reset first: hold the power slide in the ON position for 20 seconds to reset the device.  Then plug in to give your wee beastie a charge.  If your device is an e200, press and hold the menu/power button for 20 seconds.

You should see the device wake up when plugged in to the USB port.

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It is the sansa fuze. Now what do I do.

What is the soft reset. Like explain it to me.

Power switch in the ON position for 20 seconds, release, then try to plug it in.

@crossa3 wrote:
What is the soft reset. Like explain it to me.

Like, read neutron-bob’s reply.

Aye no reason for u to be smart. Anyway the soft touch didnt work.