Sannsa Connect error when starting

Help, when starting my Connect, it first says “error please wait” then says “shutting down”.  It’s done this since it arrived yesterday.  Tried the reset and recovery sw but no change.  Is there something else I can do or is this an RMA?


Probably an RMA but try connecting it to your PC and see if it can be detected.

It’s definitely a bad thing when the device recovery software doesn’t retore the Sansa Connect to working condition.  It’s even worst that this is how it came out of the box.  I’d try a reset by holding the power button down for 20 seconds and then letting go.  If this doesn’t work, there isn’t really any other troubleshooting step you can do.  Contact customer support and let them know you situation.  Possible RMA here.


Try charging with the AC Charger for at least 20 minutes. Then try the recovery tool again.

I, too had this problem, but it was fixed by the DeviceRecovery (software update) process.  See . 

Thanks for the replies.  The recovery tool did not work, as my Connect was never recognized by Windoze.  I returned it to Amazon and now have a perfoectly working Connect.

I’ve seen this problem occur when I’ve had a badly formatted MP3 on my MicroSD card.  I don’t know if this would happen if a badly formatted MP3 was in the internal memory, also, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  Unfortunately there’s no way to determine which file was the problem, as far as I can see.

Interesting note, but haven’t seen a problem with bad content on microSD card hanging a Connect.

The original symptom for this user was problem with startup of a brand new Connect. The best solution for this problem is:

Try charging with the AC Charger for at least 20 minutes. Then try the recovery tool again.

If that doesn’t work, it would seem to be a  bad unit.

It’s possible that it’s something else with the MicroSD card.  I just know that when I use a particular program to write MP3s to my MicroSD card, and then put the card in the player, the player will begin reading the card and then sometimes generate this error message.  It will then reboot, and upon reading the card after startup, will either display the error message again, or just shut down.

If I erase all the MP3s off the MicroSD card, the error will not occur upon card insertion or startup.  If the MP3s on the MicroSD card are written there by any other program, or drag-drop, the error doesn’t occur, so I suspect that the program is writing bad MP3s.  But again, it’s possible that the program is corrupting the MicroSD card in some other way.

The original post did not mention that the internal memory was empty, so I just raised the possibility of a bad MP3 in the internal memory. 

Now it occurs to me that the best way for me to test this would be to use the program I mentioned to write songs onto the MicroSD card that cause the error again, then move the files into the Connect’s internal memory via drag-drop, and see if the error occurs upon reboot.

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I doubt a corrupted mp3 was the problem on mine as it was bad out of the box.  Also there was no microSD card in use. 

What was the “bad” mp3 program you mentioned, so the rest of us can avoid it in the future.