Sands Connect Wireless Firmware version FW 4.1.0 (2050): What's new?

What is new with the latest firmware for the Connect Wireless Stick? Was hoping for a fix regarding 4:3 video support on the iPad, but that did not happen. 4:3 videos still play in a letterbox form. Also, there are issues with my stick not taking my password when turning on the option in the settings and security menu. This stick has a few bugs and issues.

4:3 or 1:33:1 are squerish frame videos and hence do not capture the full screen of the iPad. This has nothing to do with the App or the firmware of the Wireless Stick  but the Aspect Ratio of the video. The password for the wireless Stick should be between 8-63 characters long and can have special characters. If you have issue you can directly contact SanDisk Support at 1-866-SANDISK.

Also, if you are trying to connect to via same iPad or iOS device it will not ask for the password again as the password is already saved for the device on iOS.

Thank you for the info, smart_user. I’m sorry. I thought the iPad used a 4:3 aspect ratio, as 4:3 aspect ratio videos that I’ve transferred to the iPad on my own (such as some old episodes of the original Star Trek seies for example) use the entire screen of the iPad without black bars at all.