SanDiskSecureAccessV3.0.2_Win.exe NOT WORKING!!!

I returned the SanDisk Flash Drive to the problem with the V3.0.2.  I just got the 1TB Extreme SanDisk External SSD.  I downloaded the update V3.0.2, deleted the old file from the SSD, installed the newly downloaded file and specified my password.  The problem is, even in V3.0.2, the “OK” button remains grayed out no matter what I do.  So, there’s no way to set the password for the vault.  That means the drive is useless.  V3.0.2. remains problematic. 

  1. The file “SanDiskSecureAccessV3_win.exe”, when clicked on, automatically connects my laptop to the Internet without any prompts!!!  I was disconnected from the Internet and the SanDisk file turned it on to check for Updates!!! This violates the end user policy!!!

  2. Why does the file connect to the Internet?  Will it need to connect to the Internet every time I click on it?  That’s ridiculous as I work most of the time OFFLINE.  

  3. The SanDisk file will not execute and will hang if there’s no Internet Connection.  That means if I get this to work, I will NOT be able to access my encrypted files unless I get connected to the Internet.  This is ridiculous and defeats the purpose.  Whoever programmed this file needs to get their head examined.  

Appreciate a knowledgeable response from SanDisk on the above. 

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