SandiskConnect &

New user here. Does unbox) support this version ? I’ve loaded their unbox software program so I could download their videos. The Unbox software does not recognize my Sandisk Connect.  The Sansa media down recognize and download videos to my device.

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I don’t know what “The Sansa media down recognize and download videos to my device” means.

My understanding is that Amazon Unbox videos contain DRM (content protection).  If so, I doubt they’re playable on the Sansa Connect.

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The Connect only takes MP4 video; this doesn’t include DRM at all.  You need to get files that aren’t DRM encumbered; at least then you can convert them to MP4.

Yes, I’ve since found out from, they do not support the Connect product. I just purchased a View w/16GB. I’ve downloaded first run (3:10 to Yuma, American Gangster) to my View mp3. I returned the Connect product. Oh, I wanted an mp3 that had an FM receiver. Connect doesn’t, View does.