I can’t seem to find the correct page to enter the contest advertised on the packaging.  Anyone else have any luck?

You mean this one?

Google works miracles. :wink:

Nice! You guys really made another domain for this contest. That’s shows people that you really are willing to shell out cash for this. It just doesn’t support older browser versions. I’m sticking with the old Chrome with no flash issues.

I have tried to enter the 25th contest and have entered th promo code as required.  But it says its not the proper code.  I look at the info provided, follow the instructions & still says wrong code.

So what gives?

Not a happy camper…

I would telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this and see what they can do.

I have this same problem.  Did you ever call sandisk and get an answer to the issue?

Rather than replying to a 2 month old post, hoping and waiting for an answer why don’t you pick up the phone and call? :confounded:

Then you can post back and provide an answer! :wink: