SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Factory Default Data Structure

There have been a number of requests for a copy of the Default Factory Data (not Firmware or Reset Instructions) that ships on the microSD card that comes with the Wireless Flash Drive. I have taken the trouble to document the directory structure and names of the default documentation files, how to videos (available elsewhere in this forum), sample music and sample video filenames here. Unfortunately, in order to respect copyright restrictions, I am unable to post these files — that would be up to SanDisk to take care of if they wish. But providing the structure and names would be the next best thing, so here it is:

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Factory Default Data Structure - Current as of 04/11/2014

The following is a listing of the Default Data and Directory Structure that is present “Out of the Box” on the microSD Flash Card, as viewed by Finder, OS X Mavericks 10.9.2

Volume: Untitled
Partition Map Scheme: Master Boot Record
Format: FAT32 (16 GB and 32 GB) / ExFAT (64 GB)

(Note: Currently, the 16 and 32 GB Models do not support the use of the ExFAT Format, and are not upgradable to permit this capability!)

Root Directory:
          \Quick Start Guides
               Quick Start Guide English.pdf
               Quick Start Guide French.pdf
               Quick Start Guide German.pdf
               Quick Start Guide Italian.pdf
               Quick Start Guide Spanish.pdf
          \User Manuals
               eng Wireless Flash Drive User Manual for Android.pdf
               eng Wireless Flash Drive User Manual for IOS.pdf
               ger Wireless Flash Drive User Manual for Android (German).pdf
               ger Wireless Flash Drive User Manual for IOS (German).pdf
          01 - Michael McEachern - Easier As Us.mp3
          Get It Right.mp3
          Blue Statice.JPG
          Cypress Spurge.JPG
          Guadalupe Reservoir.JPG
          Pink Alpine Aster.JPG
          Purple Leaf Plum Blossom.JPG
          Wizrd Island.JPG
          \How to Videos
               Connecting to the Internet and Securing your WIFI.mp4
               Getting Started Connect and Browse.mp4
               Moving Content Between Devices.mp4
               Stream Movies Browse Photos and Listen to Music.mp4

That’s what’s present on the microSD card. I hope this information is helpful to those of you who have lost or deleted this data.