Sandisk vs Dane-Elec

First time at this–so I am not sure what I am doing!  I have a Nikon Coolpix and it should only have a Sandisk or Lexar of no more than 128 mb for a memory card.  It seems that is a little hard to find.  I went on Amazon and found a company that claimed it had some.  I ordered 2–great.  When I received them from MTR trading, they were not Sandisk but something called DANE-ELEC.

I called MTA Trading and they told me that it was the same thing…the rep. from SanDisk told him they no longer make this and the one they sent was exactly the same thing (Mike Nosebum).  The person I contacted at SanDisk told me it was not the same and they do not endorse it.  I tried to find a number for this company (DANE-ELEC) but could not and when I looked it up online, I did not get a company but  rather computer tech support which wanted me to pay $25 for their help.  I am not sure whether I should return this or use it.  I am afraid I won’t find another memory card because they are doing away with them.  Can anyone help?  (I was also told that I can use Lexar)

DANE-ELEC is not affeliated with sandisk in any way. that being said sandisk has not made 128MB cards in a very long time so you may never be able to find one made by sandisk. you only choice may be able to go with an off brand.

About 4 years ago, I purchased some Dane-Elec cards from Office Depot, and I was very happy with them–no problems with them whatsoever, for whatever that is worth.

Wow, how times have changed.  Remember when you could nibble a wee notch in the side of your mini-floppies and have double-sided storage happiness?

Hey, that Nikon Coolpix should be quite happy with a basic SanDisk SD card, look for any cards 2GB or less , as this is in FAT or FAT16 format, recognizable by the Nikon.  The earlier camera can only recognize this format.  Look for a simple 1GB card, and your camera will be happy.  Times change quite rapidly, as the latest cameras have more capacity.

The Nikon (early ones at least) have a three-digit frame counter, meaning that “999” is your maximum count.  Above this, the camera may have difficulties.  Also, with a high image count, the camera may slow noticeably.  Remember, when this camera was produced, the idea was to swap those SD cards anyway, keeping the total image count under control.

You’ll spend more time and effort looking for the old cards (seems funny to say that), and they may actually be overpriced.

There are some great prices on 1 or 2GB SanDisk cards these days, adding the benefit of a great warranty too.

Now if I dig through some boxes, I think I have some 5" and 8" floppies somewhere…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thats a great news to receive some positive response.  I will go for sandisk