Sandisk Vault problem

Dear all seniors!

I have a problem. 

I have a 30Gb sandisk thumbdrive. Recently started using the sandisk secure access. 

Was working well with my windows. 

However I plugged it into my GF’s macbook to transfer some files recently and somehow from then onwards I cannot access my vault anymore. 

Now when I key in the password, it just prompts me :“this vault could not be loaded, it may be located on another computer or the original vault has been manually removed”. 

I can see the files encrypted still in the thumb. 

How do I proceed?

I have the same issue, but I am using the same computer.  Same USB slot, 24 hours later.  Was a resolution ever found for this problem?

Hi, are you still interested in recovering your data or you got rid of your Vault and/or USB Stick?

I can help you save it if you are still interested in recovering your data.