SanDisk USB Drive Not Working

I have 2 SanDisk USB drives that are not working. Drivers for the devices don’t install or anything. Both of them on this machine gives me a Code 28 error. Even after trying to uninstall the device, running sfc scan, and doing a chkdsk I still get nothing. The only thing I currently haven’t done is a fresh install of windows (mainly cause this is the only issue). Both flash drives work on my other PC but refuse to work on this one. 1 is brand new and 1 has been used throughout the years. Any help would be appreciated.

Does the pc support other USB devices? Does the pc support USB3 or USB2 drives? On my old desktop I occasionally have to clean my USB port, with a light touch of Emory paper.

I want to replace pen drive 32 gb which is not working

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If your SanDisk USB drive is not working, start by checking if the issue is with the drive or the computer. Plug the USB drive into different USB ports on your computer and try it on another computer to rule out a port or system issue. If the drive is still not recognized, check Disk Management (Windows) or Disk Utility (Mac) to see if the drive is detected but unallocated or needs formatting. Updating or reinstalling USB drivers through Device Manager can also resolve issues. If the drive appears but data is inaccessible, consider using data recovery software. For hardware-related issues, like physical damage or overheating, professional repair services may be necessary. Always ensure you have backups of important data to avoid loss in such scenarios. If the drive is under warranty, contacting SanDisk support for a replacement might be a viable option.