Sandisk Usb 120gb cz88

I have a desktop with windows 7. I just installed a front panel x4 usb 3.0 hub. The desktop has 2 3.0 ports on the rear panel. when I run atto speed test on my sandisk extreme pro 120gb cz88 my read reaches 210 and write is 198 on both the front and rear ports. however when I run the atto test in my windows 10 laptop I get close to advertised speeds. My desktop has a 256gb ssd as primary and I have tweaked win. 7 for that. ie prefetch superfetch etc. IDK if that has to do with the slower speeds or not. The desktop is older with a with a AMD phenom x4 925 processor. is there anything I can do to get closer to advertised speeds ? that is without buying a new desktop. Thanks Ed !!!

With your desktop you are getting “my read reaches 210 and write is 198 on both the front and rear ports.” I think you are doing a WHOLE lot better than me on my desktop.  Is your desktop Windows system configured for Easy Removal or Performance of USB drives?

 its set to performance. I just ran atto on my laptop and Read 264 Write 218.

 Advertised is 260/240

Remember the advertized specs are “up to” numbers usually done on test equipment with no apps competing for resources.  I think you’re getting good numbers for the systems you’re testing with.

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