Sandisk Ultra USB3.0

I have recently had trouble transferring files to a Windows 2000 PC. Hasn’t happened all the time just recently.

It gets to about 30% of the transfer and a “Delayed Write Failed” message appears and it stops.

Any ideas? Is usb 3.0 too fast for the old PC? Works fine on newer ones


Same thing happened to me ~ Hope we find out how to fix this issue ~ Why do they have to make it so hard to try and figure out these gadgets ~ Best of Luck MyGeneration Newbie

It’s highly unlikely Windows 2000 has the drivers to support USB 3.0.  And since Microsoft doesn’t support Windows 2000 any longer finding a driver or driver update is slim to none.  I don’t remember but I think Windows XP didn’t have drivers for USB ports at all. 

Then there is the question of the pc’s USB port on equipment that old.  Oxidized contacts?  Nicotine covered contacts? Main board’s controllers capable of supporting USB 3.0? 

Is the USB port on the Windows 2000 machine being used for more than the SanDisk drive?  That can cause power problems to the device.

And this isn’t a USB 3.0 problem per say since most if not all USB 3.0 devices support USB 2.0 ports.