SanDisk Ultra - taken over by Cisco Easy Setup Key

I use my Ultra Flash Drive to backup my router configuration settings, using the method suggested by Cisco (or Linksys),  named “Easy Setup Key”.

According to the instructions for saving the settings, I could use either a “setup key”, a device  provided by the manufacturer (never got one) or an ordinary flash drive. I used my SanDisk Ultra 32 GB, and the process resulted in my flash drive being renamed to “Easy Setup Key (F:)”  I deleted the entire backup, tried to rename the drive, and the name change will not take, no matter what name I give it.  My flash drive has been hijacked, and I am very annoyed.

Has this happened to anyone?  How do I regain control?

The autorun.inf file contains a parameter that assigns a name to a drive.  It appears that is what the Cisco setup used on your drive.  Either delete the file or edit it in your favorite text editor and change it.

The file may have it’s Hidden attribute set, if so modifiy your Windows Explorer settings to show hidden files. 

Thanks very much.  I deleted the autorun file and renamed it as SanDisk.  Thank you very much, Ed.