Sandisk ultra plus blocked to SATA 1.0 !

I all,
I’ve juste bought a Sandisk Ultra plus 128GB.
My motherboard is an Asus P5N-e SLI, supporting SATA 2 (3Gbs), nvidia chipset

All working, but the SSD look quite slower than my “old” SAS RAID, so i look on Sandisk Dashboard and the SATA mode is 1.5 Gb only !
Impossible to get 3 Gb mode…

I’m unable to update the firmware because no AHCI on my MB, so what can i do ???
Do i have to change the MB ?

Thank’s in advance

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the the SATA chipset Nvidia MCP79? if so it is an nvidia issue and there is no solution. 

Hi all,

I have this problem on my Asus 1201N with MCP79 chipset.

I saw there was a firmware “fix” (or workaround) for Extreme SSD, but not for the Ultra Plus…

Any workaround possible? :confused:

Its the problem of nvidia i dont think there is any fix for this… i got the same problem once i am still waiting for the solution

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