SanDisk Ultra II 480 died

Yup , just had one Ultra II die on me  just the other day after about 18 months (used in older Evga X58 desktop) and going to do an rma today (finally found the receipt) . Still have one in a laptop going on 2yrs with no problems . 

My other Sandisk (Extreme 480) in my x99 game rig is running just fine .

Add one more casualty to list. Ultra II 480GB. Worked for about 6 months. Started getting write errors for about 1 month then just dead, not detectable in BIOS.

Tthe same here: SD Ultra II 480 GB bought on 27.11.2015 from Amazon worked flawlesly untill yesterday.

Now it is not even recognized in BIOS.

Any solutions out there?

Also after registering it I see it is in warranty - any idea how to exchange it if I am not located in the US (SSD was bought in US from US

If it is not detected in the BIOS it will need to be replaced. You will need to contact sandisk support to get an RMA. you can put in an online RMA request. return process may be different depending on what country you are in. Go to the link below and use the language selector at the top left. If you are in Europe make sure and use English (Europe) to get you to the right team.  

same thing happened to me . I honestly dont care about warranty. but going forward I’ll not use SSDs. Too unreliable, we’ve had 5 SSD drives dies. MTBF figure are all false.  Every SSD seems to die at between  to  years. My belief is Microsoft OS is the problem, pagefiles system and other  background  burns controllers and cells out.   Some place claim they can retore SSD data by:

a) replacing the controller, or

b) replacing the connector.

immediately after getting the drive up back up  copy all data to new drive.

My ultra 2 960gb died too. It was barely over a year old but I’ve not really had my pc on much during the year so the ontime and data written woukd still have been low.
Luckily my windows install is on my Samsung 840 evo that’s over 2 years old and I have a 1tb hd for storing documents but the ultra 2 was just for steam, origin and other program installs so my pc is still running. Currently waiting on rma and if this replacement fails I just hope it’s within the 3 year warranty period…(fingers crossed I get an upgrade lol)

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Mine and my brothers 240GB and 120GB have both died this week. Brought at different times, mine is only 3 months old. And we live in sperate towns. Both run the sandisk ultra 2

Another one bytes the dust…

Ultra II 480 about 9 months old

Croaked. Nothing in BIOS. Nothing on any program. Tried the plug into power but not data for 20 mins, cycle twice… still nothing.

A complete brick.

Not going to bother with an RMA since the replacement will likely be just as prone to complete failure in the future.

Another to the list Ultra ii 480. no warning signs, woke up to dead pc, boots direct to bios. pulled and put into external dock and nothing. Have heard it could be a bad controller chip. If anyone has info on this repair please reply as I have some data I have to retrieve.

My thoughs exactly, why RMA you also loose any chance of data retrieval.

theys video may help you a bit if you want recover data

and you may consider watching eevblog or ohter youtube channels to learn soldering if you want recover data.

just look soldering  tutorials videos.

Yes, another death here, a 480, just came in this morning to see the PC sat in BIOS settings and no SSD showing.

When I personally die, I’m going to have all the deceased hard drives of mine buried with me, then one day in the future some archaeologist can have fun conducting data recovery on my digital life starting off with a few floppies and Zip drives (I wont suggest that the punched paper tape will survive) in maybe 300 years hence :slight_smile:

I assume it is the end of the story for recovering the files from it because it is no longer visible to a pc.:smiley:

I just heard that now.

you have heard about the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. So some of us may think that does Xbox one play Blu ray disc on a computer, not TV?

+1 passed away…
first private hdd in my 20 years IT life. 64GB 6 years old still works perfectly in old desktop. few SD cards work perfectly in camera… but this one in absolutely not busy system lasts less than year…
just didn’t wake up this evening… brick… RIP… RMA request is sent but just don’t know if I want to use this company drives anymore…

was proposed with replacement to 500GB 3D SanDisk Ultra that is much chipper and slower (in fact).
asked about adequeate replacement but I don’t believe that it is possible to receive at lease same specs disks.
Will think twice buying next disk if it worse to have such warranty… :frowning:

So, after a week of silence no official tests from SanDisks received but words of assurance it is the same productivity (how it is possible?!)
There were a lot of other templated words (you know…)
Just principly decided to refuse proposition of RMA. 

@SanDisk. Conratulation with minus one regular customer…

Mine has died too.

was 3 1/2 years old but just keeled over with no warning.

Unable to get any data off it.

Emailed Sandisk and was told as out of warranty they will not do anything.

Have another sandisk ultra 2 in my laptop and now due to this last one dying I have cloned this one just in case.

This will be my last sandisk drive ever purchased. 

The extra cost of a Samsung is probably worth if for the reliability.

@spidernose wrote:

 Anyone else here have this problem? Came home one day and it was just dead. As in, dead as dirt.

Can’t see it in my bios. Or another pc’s bios. I even put it in my dock. Nada. RMA is in process. 

 Nope- Back to SAMSUNG for me. What a pain in the neck, and Web search finds this a common issue where drives fail with no notice.