Sandisk Ultra Flair + nwipe = Loss of some hidden factory files?

So I have used the Linux software nwipe to wipe 2 of my 16GB Sandisk Ultra Flair using DoD short mode.
And afterwards both USBs lost some basic functions. Such as the ability to be recognised by printers, and unable to use as Boot drives.
Looks like the wiping process deleted some hidden factory files that makes the USB drives capable of those functions.
Is there a way to restore those hidden files?

Unlikely. You can ask Martijn but I doubt the files are recoverable.

Normally to make a USB drive bootable you run GParted to partition & format the USB drive with a msdos Partition table. Then View > Device Information to check Partition Table type. Use GParted’s Device > Create Partition Table if Partition Table shows as GPT.