SanDisk Ultra Flair 3.0 Flash Drive. Accept Greek Fonts?

Hi all. I’ve successfully put mp3 files of my music albums onto this flash drive from my HP computer using Windows 10 Home. However, my Greek music albums don’t show the Greek characters when searching through the Drives content. It shows album titles like “???!!?” and the same for the song titles.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

The OS and app reading the drive determine the fonts available not the drive.

Thanks. Just realised it was something during transfer. Perhaps my computer couldn’t handle multi tasking and errors occurred.
Thanks again.

I’ve tried taking off the transferred files with the gobbledygook and putting them back on. This sometimes shows on the drive that it’s in order. Then I take out the drive from computer, refit it, then it’s showing the gobbledegook again. It just doesn’t seem to be going well.

It could be the files are too big, the drive too small, or the drive needs to be replaced.

BTW When you take the drive out are you using the Windows’ Safely Remove function? Not doing that can cause file problems on removable drives.

Hi. Yes I have been using the eject function.
I have since discovered that when using Windows media it doesn’t always transfer album details as viewed in it. I found that when I go into the file on my computer where the mp3 is actually stored I can see the album and track titles listed like “???” Which is how they were appearing on my flash drive. Very strange because on my Sony MP3 player they tranfer as viewed in Media player no problem. So, I went to the extreme of spending a fair bit of time renaming the tracks and files in English transliterations of the Greek songs. All sorted now.
Thanks to all who have viewed this topic.