Sandisk Ultra 8GB card error? Please help

I was in the middle of uploading pictures from my Ultra Sandisk 8GB card to my MAC using a card reader.  I was using photoshop elements and it got hung up so I force quit. (I’ve done this before with no problem). I then shut down my computer and rebooted. When I tried again photoshop elements does not recognize any media devices attached.  I tried two different card readers and then tried hooking the camera up to my computer directly using a mini usb.  It still does not recognize.  When I put the card back in the camera it says “memory card error”.  I tried to lock the card and put it back in the camera to see if I could at least view the existing pics and I still got the error. Please help, I am on vacation right now and just took the most adorable pictures of my nieces plus my wedding pictures are on here!