Sandisk ultra 64gb is causing battery drain on my mobile phone.

I’ve had the card since early November of 2014, and from what i can tell it is a genuine card. Everything was sweet until about a week ago when i noticed a MASSIVE battery drain on my LG G3. I could literally watch the battery draining by about 1% per min doing nothing. Traced it to the SD card so i removed it, reformatted it and tried it again. Was fine for about 5 days then out of nowhere, started draining again. I remove the card and the problem stopped. 

How can i find out if the card is faulty, and without a receipt what are my chances of getting a replacement if it is found to be faulty?


in that case the card seems to be defective and needs to be replaced. you can replace the card with the place of purchase or with sandisk directlz

you can contct the sandisk support from this link

Here is some tips that save the battery life.You could try it.If it’s not workable,you could change your card.

  1. Lower Screen Brightness
  2. Tighten Up Auto-Lock the shortest period for your device, namely 30 seconds.
  3. Turn off Wi-fi if You Don’t Need It
  4. Limit Background Refresh for Applications
  5. Restrict Unimportant Notifications
  6. Don’t Update Apps Automatically
  7. Do not Activate Location Service
  8. Use Low Power Mode

Actually, increasing battery life for Phone is not such a difficult thing as you think. To make your device run for a longer time, you only need to adjust some settings of your device like reducing the brightness of screen, disabling wireless network, quitting background software and so on.

Great ideas Emily and Ceciclia but obviously you did not read the entire OP’s post. He was able to watch the battery drain and when the card was removed the draining stopped. The problem is obviously a faulty card and not the usual issues you both listed that everyone should follow.