Sandisk Ultra 64GB can't be formatted or permanently altered

Exactly same as me.  I am using also Note 2 with 64G sd card and facing the same problem.  I have tried whatever program such as SD Formatter 4.0, Disk Manager, EASEUS Partition Master, DiskGenius, Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool and etc but failed to fix it.  Please give us response!!!

i am also facing the exact problem with 64gb class 10 sd card for my note2. i was downloading a video. after completion i was able to play it once and then i found that the video cannot be played anymore. after a week’s usage i found out that i am not able to write any data on the card and the card is write protected now as i lost my week’s data and pictures. i have used all possible methods of removing or formatting the data including various formatting tools like hp etc. tried cmd and by converting it into system volume. there is no possible way out. even exposed it to magnets but my memory card has the data permanently saved on it. i always thought and heard that sandisk cards were really reliable which is dead wrong. i will not recommend anyone to buy sdcards of sandisk and rather go for kingston. i spent my 65$ in a wrong place. 

Same with my problem.i’am using galaxy s4 with sd card 64 gb ultra!i’am tryng format,Always fail!
Windows says,format not complete/write protected/etc.etc.!
Please help me!do you have solution for my problem?thank’s before!

Same problem there. I can finish formating, but after reinstalling SD card all old files come back again. May be the only way to fix this is to buy a new one

Also have the same issue. Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Sandisk Mobile Ultra 64GB. 

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I too am having problems with my SanDisk Ultra 64 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-1  installed in a Galaxy Note 2. Everything was working fine until the last few weeks. My phone was recently updated to Android 4.3 and now I am noticing this problem. Also I have about 39 GB of pictures and video on the card and also in the last few weeks I am getting corrupted pictures and videos when I take new images. 

I tried reformatting the card in Windows and it says Format is complete. But then all of my pictures come back again.

Totally frustrating.


Welp…I can’t add, delete, or format anymore, and it appears this issue is shared by several owners of the 64gb card. Sadly I don’t see any response from Sandisk, or anyone, on how to resolve it. Are we just screwed and stuck with a crapped out card…

On a positive note…I was able to pulled stuff off the card that I wanted and save to my desktop until I get a new card.

@keithd203 wrote:

 Sadly I don’t see any response from Sandisk, or anyone, on how to resolve it.



Apparently you haven’t contacted SanDisk about it. This is a User’s forum.

My sd card 64 gb sandisk ultra uhs clas 10. I can format from my mobile phone but when I plug in computer its dont work.

My os win 7 and see 1mb and file system seening only FAT not fat 32 and I’m tired of seeing name of SDFormatter…

SD scard won’t format to the proper size.


I’m having exactly the same problem.  All of a sudden, the MicoSD card is in a “frozen” state… I cannot write to it… I cannot delete it… I cannot format it… It “appears” to work… and it appears to accept alterations… but when you remove it and reinsert it… it goes back to the way it was… any deleted files magically reappear and anything new added disappears.

WORTHLESS… Never buying SanDisk again.

I am so relieved. My 64GB SDXCi in a Note 2 has been acting oddly this last couple of months. Apps not finding data; media players not playing files. I’ve tried all the things that other correspondents here have tried. I’ve downloaded and tried several 3rd party formatters (one of which took a while to clean up after it also installed a load of unwanted stuff). I reckon I’ve spent nearly  3 full days trying to sort it out and in the end I gave up and got another card. Which works fine.

My relief is because I thought I was going mad - or stupid. These posts from others with similar experiences are very reassuring, even if it is a shame that Sandisk has not  owned up to the problem.

I am happy to say that when I reported to Sandisk my problem with this card and the umpteen measures I’d taken to try to deal with it -  unsuccessfully - they very quickly accepted that the card is faulty and sent me an RMA to return it for replacement. Given that things in this world do go wrong some times, I am impressed with their response. Though I do still think it would be good if what appears to be a known problem with this card were better publicised.

You have to replace it because its corrupted… Simple     :cry:


No way of formatting.

Frozen state!!

I believed it started the day I upgraded to 4.3 too (Xperia Z1). This is weird.

ps: I live in Argentina so there is no way of RMA for me :frowning:

I also have the same problem. Sandisk is at least replacing it?

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Write protection errors occur when a flash drive detects a potential fault within itself. The drive will go into write-protected mode to prevent data loss.

There is no method to fix this.

To verify the issue is related to the UFD and not your computer, we recommend that you try plugging the UFD into another port on your computer.

You should also try the drive on another computer if possible.

You might have a pleasant surprise, if can contact with SanDisk Technical Support who will replace the device if it’s authentic and is within warranty. Link:

To obtain the internal data of the UFD, you can use (apps portable, free):  - USB Flash ChipGenius,

                                                                                                                                    - USB Flash DriveLetter,

                                                                                                                                    - USB Flash Deview,

To find out more on this, see here:


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[  I believed it started the day I upgraded to 4.3 too (Xperia Z1). This is weird. ]

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[ I live in Argentina so there is no way of RMA for me. ]

¿Amigo, por qué dices, que Argentina no tiene RMA?

Soporte técnico en Latinoamérica

Argentina (español e inglés)

+54 1150314701 (no es un número gratuito, es posible que se apliquen cargos locales).

Enviar una consulta

Hora estándar del Este Lun.-Vie. | De 09:00 a 18:00

Buenos Aires y Mar del Plata

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Same issue, except that my card is Class4 MicroSDHC 32GB.

Problem occurred when my I had to reboot my Android phone (unstable custom ROM) and after that the card has been practically unwriteable. Have tried several tools, repartitioning and disk checking tools - none of them complain about unfinished formatting, errors or write-protection.

Haven’t yet tried it in card reader, because it is currently lost, but I guess that won’t make a difference anyway.

Anyone else besides bobmalcolm had success with contacting and getting a replacement? For Sandisk cards, 5 years is the standard warranty.

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I to am having this issue with my 64GB Ultra Class 10 micro-SDCard. I use it in a Samsung Galaxy Note3, first with Kit Kat and now recently on Lollipop. When I first used it under Kit Kat I formated it and encrypted it to the device.

Per the upgrade instructions for Lollipop I decrypted my device and external storage before upgrade. Wanting a fresh start I backed up my data to my network storage and used Windows Powershell in admin mode and ran Diskpart executing the Clean All to wipe the card. It completed with no errors. But yet reinserting the card to my surprise showed the data was still intact, as if permanently baked into existence.

This actually worries me a bit, in regard to government spying on the public. It’s been long known with the advent of flash technology that once a sector of information was overwritten or wiped it was gone forever unlike traditional hard drives that can maintain a ghost trace of the information which was a cornerstone to computer forensics.

Makes me wonder if government has dictated a requirement that flash media also have this capability? Everything I’ve done to this SDCard should have permanently wiped the drive. Partion, volume and sector level data. My data permanently archived to the card all cause my Note 3 cooked itself a few times in my car dock all day as I ran service calls?