SanDisk Ultra 64 GB

Hi, I recently bought a SanDisk Ultra memory card and adapter for my laptop. I inserted it and the computer recognized the drive, but the memory still does not seem to increase. The pre-installed RAM is 8 GB but currently I can only use 3 GB, so I need to improve the performance in order to edit images. I didn’t expect this small card to solve my problem, but according to the seller it does, so I decided to buy it. Is there something I can do to rectify the problem?

Adding a memory card to a computer (laptop or otherwise) will not add to the available RAM. It will be listed as a separate drive from your computer’s hard drive.

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I had a hunch I’d been tricked, looks like I have to start over then. Thanks.

The only way to increase RAM in a computer is to physically add (or change) RAM chips. Not knowing what type of computer you have, it’s hard to say how difficult that would be, but most can be done easily enough by the user. Probably worth it to check your manual, or the computer’s mfg. support website.

8GB is really not enough any more to adequately run a computer these days, especially if you’re running Windows 8 (or worse 10). 16GB RAM is kind of the bare minimum.