SanDisk ultra 3D SSD 500GB I can`t create a partition

Hi to all,

                     I have a Ultra 3D SSD 500g and I cant create any partition on him . I was trying with Ubuntu to create a partition but I get this error :  Imput/output error during write on /dev/sda . I was trying also with Win 10 to create a partition but I get this error : We couldn`t create a new partition Error 0x8007045d  .if I run S.M.A.R.T test in SanDisk SSD Dashboard  every thing is ok (no problems) . Any sugestion is welcomed.

Sometimes we use a clean install of win 10 and run command prompt as administrator

Just make sure you select the correct disk when using select disk cause it will erase everything…and see if theres anything funny when you use list disk. Maybe hard disk sentinel program can find something as well.

Here is the commands:


list disk

select disk


Maybe someone else would reply as well but this helps fix our disks sometimes. Otherwise it could be bad - I see lots of bad SSD so always have a backup!