SanDisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSD - Big Problem

Hello, I bought (on Sunday) a Sandisk microSD card to use with my Asus Fonepad. The package said it was ideal for smartphones and tablets, the shop assistant informed me it would work okay as Sandisk is a trustworthy brand. I also had some good experience with SanDisk products in the past.

The card, however, proved to be a total failure. It works chaotically, sometimes apparently loses all the data, then magically shows it back, and then loses it for good. There’s no way of knowing what will happen next. At the same time, the tablet (which is capable of handling 32 GB cards) works great with some other older microSDs I have.

Is this a faulty unit or is there some general incompatibility of SanDisk cards and Android devices? I’ve read some less-than-flattering comments on the net about SanDisk microSDs… Either way, a great disappointment for me.

2 possibilities:

1.) It could indeed be a faulty card. You should consider returning it to your dealer and trying another one.

2.) What Class is this card? If it is a Class 10, be aware that these cards are designed for (and work best in) cameras shooting HD video. If you’re not, consider getting a Class 4. There have been several instances where problems occur using Class 10 cards with mp3 players. There may also be a similar incompatibity issue with your Fonepad.