SanDisk Taiwan Customer support does cheat customer??

Last month, I travelled to Japan with my friends and took a lot of pictures and videos.

Back to home, I found that my ultra 32gb sdhc cannot be read on my computer. And also cannot be read on my friend’s laptop.

Since the card cannot be read at all, a data-recovery program does not help of course.

So I wrote to SanDisk Taiwan customer support for assistance, because I need my data.

I though they could tell me their official-recommend data-recovery company.

And one customer support, called Vivian, told me they don’t know the data-recovery companies in Taiwan.

As the service was too lame, I marked a bad rate for it.

Then, her “supervisor” followed up my complaint.

Actually it is not her supervisor but Vivian herself.

The template shows this:


but she write the email body like this:


I have to say that the follow-up email should be very nice(I mean the email body), but it is not good if she cheats me like this:

Is there any one who knows SanDisk CEO’s email address? I want to send my complaint to CEO directly.


i do no know the mail address of the CEO of Sandisk but you can send a letter directly to the HQ at the following address:

SanDisk Corporation
951 SanDisk Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035-7933

or you can give them a call directly under the following number


Hi janie,

We are sorry to learn about your experience. SanDisk recommends Kroll OnTrack for data recovery services in Asia but unfortunately they do not have any location in Taiwan. The closest location is Hong Kong and Singapore. Here are the links for the same.

Hong Kong - 
Singapore -