Sandisk & Surviving Extreme Condtions!

Hi Sandisk people!

I just want to say G’Day and many many thanks! What for you ask?

Well! There’s a bit of a Saga… 

Go back to the end of September 2018, and I was bushwalking in the remote Tasmanian bush with my 14yo daughter…

We’re on Day 2 - 15km already behind us, and we’re walking an 8km section of very rough and vague track from a place called Wadleys Hut, to Kia Ora Hut (on the world famous Overland Track in Tasmania) - not a well trodden track - only the odd bit of faded tape every couple of hundred meters stopped us getting lost…

Well I hit a tricky section of track late in the day near a creek, fell hard, broke my toe! in my pain of the moment, my camera also fell off my pack strap, and I didn’t notice - It was a kilometer or so further on when I realised it was gone - but we were too tired and it was too dark to go back.

We eventually staggered in to the Kia Ora Hut an hour or two later, bruised and battered and very sore! The next morning, my toe looked like a truck had driven over it! A decision was made to walk back via the Overland Track, as it was easier (although longer) than going back the way we came.

Anyway, long story short, the trip back was easier, even though I was limping - with some spectacular scenery! But sad, as my trusty Sony camera was sitting somewhere in the bush… and the day after I got home, we had record rainfall in Tassie - I knew it couldn’t have survived.

I posted the tale in a few bushwalking forums and facebook groups - and a few hikers did actually venture that way in the weeks afterwards! But sadly, no one saw the camera… the weeks and months went by, and I’d forgotten about it…

Then, last week, a post popped up in a Hiking group - someone had found a rusted dead Sony Camera! She’d removed the SD Card, plugged it in to her laptop and identified some photos - Bingo! It was mine! The camera was dead - well and truly cactus! But the SD Card - it was perfect!

I eagerly downloaded the photos in to Photoshop - and saw for the first time all the photos I took on Days 1 and 2 of my exciting and eventful hiking trip!

That tough little Sandisk SD Card survived 6 months in the bush - wet, cold, snow, frost, heat and wind! everything from -5 to +30!

The card has a little bit of dried mud on the label, but apart from that, you’d never know it had been on such an adventure!!!

Amazing!!! So - pass on my thanks!

You guys rock!!! and here’s one of the photos!