SanDisk Success 3.0 privacy issue..

I just read the privacy statement from Sandisk that you must agree too in order to use  SanDisk Success 3.0.

  1. Privacy

" Upon software download and from time to time thereafter, we may collect and use technical and other information including frequency and use of the software, memory usage and the type of extensions… you agree that the information may be used by

SanDisk or it’s authorised third-parties for the purposes of analysis."

I’d really like to know for what possible reason Sandisk and their mysterious ‘third-party’ friends need to know what files sizes and file types you are choosing to encrypt… and how on earth are they able even access see your so called encrypted files extensions on your USB and access them ‘from time to time there after’ and transmit this information to themselves?

Ok so I just installed the SanDisk Success 3.0 software and encrypted a new Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 mem stick.

I then removed it and plugged it back into the original and then a second computer.

At no point on either machine was I ever asked for my unlock password and I am clearly able to see all the applications system files and folders. I was also able to simply delete every single file, folder and the entire app itself with zero resistance.

I guess that’s one way to secure my data.


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.58.05 pm.jpg

the secure access software does not password protect at the drive level and does not protect against malicious deletion. It only prevents viewing or access of files stored inside the app. if someone has physical access to the drive itself all the data stored inside secure access can be deleted but it cannot be viewed or accessed without the password. 

Yes like I said… garbage.

But it seems to do a very good job of sending Sandisk and mystery friends info and details on what you are encrypting during the encryption process.


How odd that Sandisk declines from responding publicly in here but contacted me by email and even contacted me by telephone despite never being given or asking me permission to do so. Again person to person I challenged them to explain their very suspect privacy policy and the high level rep/legal security geek on the phone was completely unable and unwilling to do so despite telling me that they have seen this thread. Why on earth call me privately when a simply transparency and an honest answer in here for all to see would suffice.

What are they trying to hide. This stinks so bad.