Sandisk SSD Not Recognized

Asus MB, AMD Processor, Win 7 64 Professional.

SSD 1   Win &

SSD 2  Ubantu

HD   1  Date Users Folder

HD   2  Second Windows 7 64 emergency

Set this up for my wife so if she had a problem, she could simply switch from the SSD to the HD with the second OS.

Had changed graphics card for use with tv…but was problematic.

Reverted to gforce 210 and was not able to boot up.

Opened up PC and switched to the emergency drive.

Using this OS ran chkdsk since I my diagnositic USB thumb drives are at my office.

chkdsk did not refeal much.

Ran the dashboard installed and saw that the ssd was recognizes but received message to update…which I foolishly did.

(Hey, if its not broke don’t fix it right.)

After the update, ssd is no longer recoignized.

Information is attached which should hopefully be helpful.

Remember, this emergency disk was disconnected from the PC without windows updates for about a year so I do not know what version of the dashboard it contained.  One of the attached files is a screen shot of the current dashboard offering the version number.

Drive does show up in device driver as well as componants, storage.

Also shows up in bios.

Thank you all in advance who help me.

I have the answer:

I contacted support and was told that this is a known bug.  They sent me a link to the preceding version  However, this to did not work.  It was Friday and support closed.  I found and it to did not work.  I finally found version which finally  did recognize my drive.