SanDisk SSD not detected, booting Windows 10 OS fom SanDisk SDSSDH3-512G-G25

Any help appreciated:

Sandisk SDSSDH3-512G-G25 SSD Ultra 512GB boot drive

Sandisk SSD Dashboard

HP P6-2120 destop

Windows 10 w/ all updates to this date/time

Issue desription:

When I run Sandisk SSD Dashboard, it does a quick scan but reports “Model: SanDisk SSD not detected” when connected via SATA cable to system board SATA1, however SSD DashBoard successfully detected when connected via USB using SATA to USB cable and external drive enclosure

Supporting information:

1)  Successfully boots Windows 10 from the listed SanDisk SSD above

2)  Sandisk SSD connected internally to system board via good/functional SATA cable to “SATA 1” (of 4) connector and drive power via Corsair CX600 upgraded power supply

Previous steps taken and observations:

1)  Copied original 1.0 GB system SATA hard drive (and partitions) to listed Sandisk SSD using Latest Apricorn EZ Gig app, and Apricorn EZ Upgrade 3.0 Kit:  USB to SATA, Apricorn external drive enclosure w/ Sandisk SSD installed

2)  Listed SanDisk SSD (at this point) detected succesfully with SandDisk SSD Dashboard, when connected via USB using USB to SATA and external Apricrorn drive enclosure from Apricorn upgrade kit

  1. Perfomed disk copy operation (hard drive to SSD)  using Apricorn EZ Gig app, completed successfully

4)  After SATA hard drive copied to listed Sandisk SSD, switched SATA and power cables from original hard drive to listed SanDisk SSD

5)  Booted Windows 10 system successfully from listed Sandisk SSD

6)  Ran Sandisk SSD Dashboard and now (after scan) see “SanDisk SSD not detected”.

Via SanDisk Dashboard, I want to:

1)  Register SanDisk SSD for warranty purposes

2)  Observe Sandisk SSD performance connected “normally” via SATA, rather than via USB --> SATA

Thanks in advance for any help/advise/assist!  :smiley:

When it is connected internally what is the SATA mode? IIRC only AHCI is supported. If it is SCSI or RAID it would not detect it. 

drlucky replied:

When it is connected internally what is the SATA mode? IIRC only AHCI is supported. If it is SCSI or RAID it would not detect it.


I understand SCSI and RAID, but I am not familiar with SATA in a SCSI mode or RAID mode, I can’t see why this would be.  On a Win10 system, where would I look for this?  I’ll continue to look to see if I can find.


Edit 3/20/2019:  Ok, I looked in the system BIOS, it showed setting SATA=AHCI.

From a different (Dashboard) forum thread, I un-installled Dashboard, downloaded and installed Dashboard, and now the SSD is detected by that Dashboard.