SanDisk SSD Dashboard for linux?

There are mentions that a linux version of the SanDisk SSD Dashboard exists.  For example, the “SanDisk SSD Dashboard version 1.4.3 release notes” says:

     - Replaced command line interface with a graphical user interface in Linux

There is also this:


I’m not finding the download anywhere on the SanDisk site though…

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i dont think that there is a executable file for linux directly since sandisk in general has limited support for linux. 

what you can do is to run the .exe file through wine to install it on the linux system and see if that works

SanDisk SSD Dashboard donne les informations précises à l’utilisateur sur l’état de son SSD SanDisk afin que celui-ci puisse optimiser la performance.

have u got the prob solved….!!!