Sandisk SSD Dashboard and Acronis 8

Acronis Trueimage 8, which I use,  has a feature that prevents writing to the MBR. This is (supposed to be) useful in order to prevent ransomware.

However, I found out that the Sandisk SSD Dashboard regularly writes to the MBR. It then gives an error message. I can simply click away the message it displays then and I haven’t found any detrimental effects yet. But it is annoying and I don’t know what the impact of this can be on the long-term.

Does anyone have more information? Preferably on how to prevent this conflict?


Hi evert67, 

I discussed this with development team, the response I got is the SSD Dashboard needs to write to the MBR when you are trying to create a bootable USB drive, so you should consider temporarily disable protection when you are doing this operation. 

Hope this information can help you, if you have further information please feel free to reply

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