SanDisk Sport Clip may be from a jail

Last month I bought a dilapidated motor home from a tow auction and found this very cool Sport Clip in a drawer by the bed. It has a clear case and looks exactly like the model my company gave out as stocking stuffers last Christmas (2016).

I took it to a few retailers and none could shed light on where the clear case was ordered from. When I cleaned out the motor home, I found a lot of files and assorted papers that made me believe the unit’s owner may have been in jail or maybe even prison i.e., court papers, letters, a hospital style plastic wrist band but in red.

My question is, how can I put my own music on this thing? I thought about just changing the case with my SC from Christmas but it doesn’t look like it comes apart that easily.

I was able to download all my music from my laptop into the sd card that was in the player, but it wouldn’t read it. After hours of playing around with some m3u playlist apps, I was able to (twice) get a few “test tracts” to play…but have been unable to do it with the entire content of the card.

Any ideas on how I can get this accomplished or who I might take it to (local to Denver) in order to make it take my music? Or should I toss it?:slight_smile:

Oh! Unlike my unit, on startup, I get a name of a guy and a number…not enough digits to be a phone number. Maybe a jail ID number?

Thanks for the help

Yep, it’s prison-issued. Getting it unlocked usually involves sending it in to the contractor BOP has set up and paying a fee to unlock it so you can add your own music to it.

Yes I called them and they said I’d need a release of liability from the owner, along with a bill of sale, before they can help. Not possible in my case. In mean I wouldn’t know where to look.

Since leaving the message though, I’ve been able to make a duplicate of the SanDisk send card that was in it…bur once I put the data on a new card, it wouldn’t work on the locked player. Any ideas why the card doesn’t work?

They have those locked down pretty tight to prevent ‘contraband’ content from coming in from outside the prison system.

Yes they sure seem to. I was thinking of just changing the case with my old one (I like the clear case) but it’s interesting that the locked version doesn’t even allow me into the unit’s hard drive to store music. It runs totally off the sd card. That’s different in that I can remove the sd card from my eBay unit…and still have access to my playlist.

I think my main question now is on the SanDisk sd card itself. I can copy the card completely but it won’t work in the locked version. There’s an “owner” file and a “manifest” file and I keep those where I found them. I always remove the "android " folder because even my eBay unit won’t load with it on there.

I found this thread while looking for info on the clear SanDisk mp3 player my friend in prison is getting. She mentioned that it won’t allow new music to be added after she gets out, so I’m looking for info on how to fix that. I’ll call accesscatalog and ask about unlocking.

But as far as your question on the sd card copying: They are probably using the original card’s serial number somehow (maybe in the manifest file). You could try using the VolumeID utility to set the Volume ID of the new card to the same as the old card to see if that works.

Did you have any luck getting this clear Sport Clip to accept new media?