Sandisk, shame on your mp3 software

All new sandisk mp3 playre are poor.

i.e. structurally are good and even better than previous ones. But software are very poooor.

If you use it for audiobooks you can’t even add one bookmark!!! Can you imagine it???

There is problem with the number of files :0 We have 21 century and here you have limitations to 2000 or 4000 files with 8GB internal and 32GB external memory :0

Sandisk SHAME ON YOU!!!

You can’t display actual hours on display. Can you imagine it???

Helpdesk told me, that is no problem, you can go to setings>time and then you can check current time. BUAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sandisk SHAME ON YOU!!!

Sandisk you produce very well mp3 players but your software is unacceptable.

In old mp3 players evryone could change/add rockbox - this is good software, veeery goood.

But in new sandisk mp3 players:

SanDisk Clip Sport Plus

SanDisk Clip Sport

SanDisk Clip Jam

unfortunately is no way to add rockbox and oryginal soft is veeeery poooor, worse than in previous versions :(.

Please release your programers (freeloaders) and e.g. take the rockbox soft to new mp3 players, it will be cheaper for you and better for customers and probably the sale will increase immediately.

Think about it, please.


I started the adventure with SanDisk Clip Sport.
Unfortunately, I confirm the above opinion about the SanDisk software.
It is a pity that I did not choose another player :frowning:
And SanDisk does not think about improvement yet …

Next I’ll try ruizu x50 or 51, has bookmarks.

Amen, amen. Please SHOOT either the programmers, or whoever wrote the software spec. I mean really, I select and album, press BACK, and I don’t see the artist list but instead it goes all the way back?!?!? And I need to waste 1/2 GB free space to “refresh my media”?!?!? What cr@p.

By the way, since the batteries don’t hold charge well, I don’t think the hardware is so great either. They are LIGHTWEIGHT, that is true, and the reason I bought them in the first place…