SanDisk Sansa

When I bought second hand SanDisk Sansa 2 GB, it was working fine, I want to format it to clean and write new songs. I did format it directly from the screen and now it is showing 2 massages on screen 1, Writing with Computer and Sansa logo sign. 2, is Refreshing Database. I don’t know what to do now. Please help. Thank you in advance. Isa Amaan.

you can get better help if you post this to the proper section.  since you didn’t mention what player you are using, what you can try now is resetting the player.  press and hold on the power button for about 15~30 seconds and then the player will shut off.  you can try to turn it on again.

tell us what happened

I switch it off and turn it on again and on screen it shows Refresh Database. In front written is Sansa and in the back it is SanDisk 2 GB. 

I am a 1st timer on this forum, so I don’t know where to write, that’s why I wrote here. I will be very great full to you.

Thanks for reply.

glad i can help.  welcome to the sansa forums.

If you don’t know which Sansa you have, you can click on the “Sansa Store” banner ad at the top of the page.  There you’ll see all the current models. If you don’t see yours on the Store main page, click on the “outlet” link at the top of that page to browse the older, discontinued models.

It is Sansa Clip 2GB BLACK.