SanDisk Sansa Shaker MP3 player...problems more than one

We have a Windows 98 COMPAQ Presario computer.

I need a driver so that the SanDisk Sansa Shaker will register and work on my computer for my child, or else I may just go to Radioshack and get one of their MP3 players.

Also when we put the SanDisk Sansa Shaker on a new WinXP Dell, it did work until we tried to put music onto it. It would show that the music was on there but when my child attempted to listen to the songs, that came did come from CDs they did not play and were skipped over and the pre-loaded songs played instead.

Please help me with these problems.

the Sansa Shaker is not supported on windows 98. if you have a card reader that is supported on win 98 you can put the sd card into the reader and transfer your mp3s.

it will most likely be hard to find a new device that is still supported on win 98.

as for your other issue. make sure all files are in mp3 format. the Sansa Shaker only supports mp3. if you used windows media player to rip the cds you probably ripped into wma format. check your rip options and change it to rip in mp3 then transfer the files.

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    it should work with these or any generic USB mass storage drivers
they are mentioned here

i can’t find the ones i use

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