SanDisk Sansa Model M250. (2.0 GB). Help with how to delete songs and albums. THANK YOU.


I know I must sound like an idiot, becasue I do have the little booklet that came with this.  However, the instructions mention a “tick icon” and there isn’t one on mine.  I’ve looked everywhere on the menu and can’t find the tick option.

I want to delete some songs and albums.  I have gone through the “menu” options and just can’t figure out how to delete something.  I see no “delete” option or anything that would remotely resemble a delete option.

If anyone could please give me some help, I would appreciate it!  This is an older model.  I bought it in 2008, and it has worked beautifully.  However, I have only ever listened to the music someone put on there and never did fiddle with anything but turning this thing on!  I have no idea what 2.0 GB is, but I chose this model, becasue I thought it was  good name brand back then.

Please let me know how I can delete songs and albums off here.  Thank you again, so much, for any help.  I feel so dumb!  LOL!  :slight_smile: