Sandisk Sansa m260: 2.2.5A: Multiple Listings Of Each Track

Hardware:  Sandisk Sansa m260

Software:    2.2.5A


When I copy files over ( from a PC runnning Ubuntu 10.10 ) to my Sansa m260 each track is listed multiple times.  When I look at the contents with my file explorer on my PC I see only one copy of each track.   

I tried deleting all files and starting over again on a fresh battery.  No luck

Any idea what this is about and what I can do about it?

Thanks in advnace


Fixed. I don’t know how, but I thought I would post what I did in case someone in the future has the same problem.

  1. I went to Settings | USB I chose “Auto”

  2. I turned the player off and connected it to my computer

  3. I looked at the player under Nautilus ( the equivalent of File Explorer for Windows ) with “view hidden files” enabled

  4. I deleted miscellaneous files in some hidden directories, leaving the directory structure intact

  5. I disconnected the player from my computer

  6. I turned on my player, switched to MSC mode ( see step 1 ), turned it off and connected it to my computer

  7. I repeated steps 3,4,5

  8. I connected the player to my computer, the player shut off. I then copied one set of files over No duplicate files anymore.